Thursday, January 13, 2011

A lil out n about in the OC.. Thanks to Jeff for showing us around...

We had a great time runnin the streets of the OC meeting new kats all over the place.  Jeff had some great lil spots to hit and kept the sands washed away.  You always wish you had more on camera, but I know that we know how to get down in any town.  The good thing was I am the driver for the fact I never drink and these guys should never be put behind the wheel at the rate of acohol intake.  I will tell you I still make for a fun ride and keep all my passengers safe as well as HAPPY too.  The rental car places would die if they only knew what we do.  They may think they know, but I have learned some new things driving them and parking them.  Like a nice E-brake turn around in a parking spot can be done with a nice lil Versa, let me tell you we know. Well any how we had a great time smelling burnt rubber to disc barkes to a good ol' Jack N Coke... Thanks again Jeff from http://www.streetchopperweb.com/community/index.html you know how to keep a crew rolling thru the night. 

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