Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The SHED... In the hometown

 The hands behind the brush... My man "Doo Doo" can lay it down..

I believe Katie was a lil too excited about chili dogs at LEON's

 You see me rollin.....

 The MoFoCo..... KRUSE

 The HIGHFIVE.... always a solid move

 Lil too much of the moonshine... or everything

who needs a to go box.... Jaymo says he's cool, I have already packed my food up...

We had a great time with all the great people of THE SHED and Don Wood.... Just some great guys and  gals all in it for different ideas but the same love of motorcycles.. A lil moonshine and smoke can put a night together right.  I would like to thanks Mario Sanchez for the invite and a great burn out on one nice machine..  I always love seeing my extended family and friends in the hometown.... Any chance I get to hang with Ben and Katie is a blessing... thanks for the pad to crash! 

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